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Our Story



"Philly Made"

Our story begins in Philadelphia, Lay and Briana, two creatives, one a filmmaker the other a photographer, both determined to represent the creatives in their city. And from that determination "For The Crew" was born.

Over the years they would formulate and execute ideas on how to help elevate the artistic culture in the tristate area. From owning a photography studio, hosting workshops and facilitating hundreds of shoots. But there was always one ringing question "How do we represent ourselves, without having to say who we are?".

This question would begin a 2 year ultimately culminating in the formulation of our flagship designs "Sorry I'm A Creative", "For Creative Purposes Only" and eventually "Art Elevates Culture".

Initially we'd wear them ourselves on jobs or casually but within weeks we had dozens of our peers and strangers alike ready to order. We then developed our launch campaign, setup our site and on 11/11/22 went public with our brand.

We're a small startup clothing brand, constantly making mistakes and figuring it out along the way. But in a short year we've sold thousands of hoodies, t-shirts and accessories all featuring our designs.

The love and support we've gotten has gone worldwide to countries like Australia, Singapore and Dubai. Yet we maintain strict dedication to our customers and promise to deliver the best quality products and customer service. 

To all the creatives in the field worldwide we did it For The Crew.


Lay & Briana